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Godrej Aer Twist, Car Air Freshener - Rich Irish Cocktail (45gm)

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Godrej Aer Twist, Car Air Freshener - Rich Irish Cocktail

About Us

Rich Irish Cocktail The royal members of our family are here. Their fragrance is inspired by fresh iris flowers from the lush gardens of ireland. They look and smell berry. Berry Royal. Godrej aer twist Introducing the versatile Godrej aer twist. A designer car fragrance that's as practical as it's thoughtful, as good-looking as it's fragrant and as long lasting as it's ease of use. A car air freshener, that's exquisitely designed to sit on and adorn your car dashboard. You can put it in your cup holder too, just incase you want it to be hidden. The unique easy twist mechanism of our car fragrance diffuser is designed to make sure your car is fragrant, whenever you want it to be and also lets you control fragrance intensity. Powered by Clever gel technology, Godrej aer twist is completely spill proof and keeps your car fragrant for upto 60 days. So go on and take those bumpy roads head-on without any worries. It comes in 8 different variants - Fresh Lush Green, Rich Irish Cocktail, Fresh Forest Drizzle, Sunny Citrus Blast, Cool Surf Blue, Petal Crush Pink, Bright Tangy Delight and Musk After Smoke, so you can pick one that delights you the most or pick the one that blends in with your car interiors.

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