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Savlon Mask - Ear-loop model with Head-Band Converter Strip (Pack of 4)

₹299.00 ₹360.00 -16.94%

Savlon Mask - Head-band model with adjustable straps

About Us

Savlon brings to you its trusted protection now in Masks which provides 95% protection from particle aerosols( Viruses, Pollen, Dust, etc). It has an advanced five-layer protection system with a splash-resistant outer layer and a sweat & moisture resistant inner layer. Its melt-blown filtration system and the electrostatically charged filters enhance the ability of the filtration fibers to trap and retain the tiniest particles.

Savlon Masks gives the protection you can trust. It is a BIS certified FFP2 S Mask, considered comparable to FFP2/N95. It comes with a headband convertible strip for easy and prolonged use.

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