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Travel Protect Surface Disinfectant Spray - 75ml

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Travel Protect Surface Disinfectant Spray

About Us

Worried about whether that surface you just touched was unhygienic? Not sure if it's safe to directly touch surfaces like door-knobs, elevator buttons, table tops, car door handles etc because they could be infected with germs from others who may have touched it before you? Is it enough to just wipe or clean the surface with an ordinary surface cleaner liquid? You sanitise your hands all the time. But what about surfaces? You need a surface cleaner disinfectant that will completely sanitize the surfaces you come in contact with. Marico's Travel Protect is a surface disinfectant sanitiser spray that you can carry on the go! Marico's Travel Protect is an effective & safe to use disinfectant surface cleaner spray that is suitable for both hard & soft surfaces. This surface cleaner disinfectant comes in an easy to use disinfectant spray sanitizer format that instantly Kills 99.999% germs & is effective against virus*, bacteria & fungi in 10 seconds. Suitable for indoors & outdoors, this multi-purpose disinfectant spray sanitiser works across different surfaces and ensures your safety, instantly. It is your personal, travel protection kit which can safeguard you against all germs# - virus*, bacteria & fungi. Just shake & spray; No need to wipe! Carry around your new travel “must-have” to make your journey worry-free, sanitised and safe. 

What’s more – The disinfectant spray has a fresh, pleasant fragrance, too. Marico's Travel Protect – spray it safe! 

Disclaimer: *Basis CDC guidelines recommended level of 70% v/v Ethyl Alcohol & usage as per directions As tested under lab conditions on representative organisms

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