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Bingo Mad Angles Very Peri Peri - 36gm


Bingo Mad Angles Very Peri Peri

About Us

What happens when you put Indian chefs and international chefs in a room together? You get the best of both worlds. You get Bingo Peri Peri chips. The contemporary flavours of fiery yet lip-smacking international taste that leaves you craving for more. The fiery Peri-Peri chilies are added to the chips which will set your senses on fire with every crunchy bite.

Experience a burst of spicy flavour bomb in your mouth with every bite of this snack. Made with rice grits and flour, the unique texture of Bingo!  Mad Angles chips add to the crunchy fun, Satisfy your snack cravings anytime, anywhere with yummy and crunchy. Pop open the pack whenever you want to shake things up. Whether you’re listening to your professor drone on, waiting for your phone to update or waiting for your local train. A bag of Bingo! Mad Angles Very Peri Peri will always bring the madness you crave.

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