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Bingo Tedhe Medhe Cocktail Mix - 180gm

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Bingo Tedhe Medhe Cocktail Mix

About Us

Introducing the all-new namkeen range from Bingo! Tedhe Medhe. The thing about craving is, it always arrives unannounced. It’s only smart to be prepared. Our new range of namkeen, has a flavour for every moment, of every day and for every occasion. From house parties to just chilling, from your regular tea-time to last-minute plans, we have a flavour for everything. Made from only the best of ingredients, our new range will give you the same delectable taste in every bite. Bingo! Tedhe Medhe Cocktail Mix 180gms; contains a combination of three nuts - Peanuts (Moonfali), Kabuli Chana, Matar in a spicy and tangy flavour.

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