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Dermafique Advanced Repair - 50gm

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Dermafique Advanced Repair

About Us

Your skin behaves differently during the night. While during the day, your skin plays a defensive role, during the night, your skin takes on an active role working to repair the damage caused during the day, and regenerating itself. It is during this time that you can further help your skin by fortifying and replenishing it with vitamins and antioxidants. Applying a moisturiser that is specially formulated to accelerate tissue repair and promote cell renewal, to skin that has been cleansed and toned, helps our skin do its work. At night, your skin is also more receptive to care, and allows a night cream thoroughly seep in and work its magic. Dermafique Advanced Repair is a fortifying, nourishing night cream infused with the DermaRefine Complex and Pro-vitamin E that deeply nourish and provide antioxidants to your skin. Its 5x Ceramide Synthesis Boost prevents collagen breakdown and helps plump up the skin. This deeply nourishing night cream also repairs damage caused by UV radiation and diminishes the signs of ageing. Dermafique encourages you to follow the smart, new derma-routine : 01 cleanse. 02 tone. 03 hydrate for healthy, beautiful, zen-like skin. Dermafique Advanced Repair is a vital part of the hydrate portfolio—step 03

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