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Fabelle Chocolates Milk Choco Deck Bar - 130gm

₹149.00 ₹160.00 -6.88%

Fabelle Chocolates Milk Choco Deck Bar

About Us

Enjoy a 3 layered magical treat as you discover a layer of soft choco crème between the 2 layers of milk chocolate. Experience an explosion of chocolate in your mouth as you first taste the sweetness from the milk chocolate followed by the richness from the choco crème. A bar of Fabelle Choco Deck – Milk Chocolate is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. Embark on a journey of chocolaty gooeyness as you take a bite of this premium milk chocolate bar. Experience pure indulgence as you lose yourself in this magical chocolaty bliss. 

Inspired by layered desserts, Fabelle Choco Deck – Milk Chocolate has been handcrafted by the Master Chocolatiers from the House of ITC in India. Relax & unwind with a dessert-like experience in a chocolate bar. Make the moment even more special as you share this milk chocolate bar with your loved one.


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