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Godrej Hit Rat/Mouse Glue Pad - Regular (Regular)

₹45.00 ₹60.00 -25.00%

Godrej Hit Rat/Mouse Glue Pad - Regular

About Us

HIT Rat/Mouse Glue Pad is an easily disposable trap for catching rats/mice. It has no smell and is non - poisonous. It has a superior non-stick design with strong glue for maximum effectiveness. Simply open the pack and place it near entry-exit points where rats/mice appear. Place more traps if the infestation is high. Release the rat/mouse by pouring vegetable oil. Dispose of the glue pad along with rat/mouse, once rat/mouse has got stuck to the glue. Keep the glue pad away from children and pets. Avoid exposure to sunlight or moisture. If the glue is stuck somewhere, use kerosene/vegetable oil. The glue pad can be used in home and office spaces.

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