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Godrej Nupur - 100% Pure Heena Mehendi (400gm)

₹215.00 ₹219.00 -1.83%

Godrej Nupur - 100% Pure Heena Mehendi

About Us

Godrej Nupur Henna (or Mehendi, as it is commonly called) is an extremely popular hair care solution known for its natural goodness and deep nourishing qualities. Pure Henna has also been traditionally used for decorating hands and feet as a natural colourant. Godrej Nupur brings to you the purest quality Rajasthani Henna that’s acknowledged worldwide for superior colouring, hair care and conditioning capabilities. Godrej Nupur henna is a 100% Pure Henna product chosen by consumers as a trusted companion for hair health and nourishment. Today, Godrej Nupur stands for beauty, care & trust rooted in a strong Indian origin. Henna is one of the most popular ingredients when it comes to hair care. Not only is it believed to be a safe and natural solution for covering grey hair, but it is also known for its conditioning and cooling effect.

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