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House Protect Spray - 200ml

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House Protect Spray

About Us

Worried if there could be germs lurking in your home despite you cleaning it regularly? Not sure if what you're bringing home is germ-free? Wondering whether your surface cleaner liquid is just cleaning but not sanitising all surfaces? Presenting Marico's House Protect surface disinfectant spray! It comes in a disinfectant spray sanitiser format. It’s an easy to use, immediate action disinfectant cleaner spray that ensures your home is germ-free. It kills 99.999% germs and is effective against bacteria & fungi. Just shake & spray, no need to wipe. Works in 10 seconds. It’s a disinfectant sanitiser spray that can instantly sanitize your delivery packages, grocery bags, toys, shoes and also your home – couch, table-tops, kitchen tops, doormats etc. Marico's House Protect is a unique surface cleaner disinfectant that will completely sanitise your home. This safe-to-use disinfectant surface cleaner spray is suitable for both hard & soft surfaces. It is your personal, home protection kit that ensures you & your family are safeguarded against all germs. Whatever the surface in question is, just spray it safe with Marico's House Protect. What’s more – The spray comes with a fresh fragrance, making your home feel refreshed. Marico's House Protect - Spray it safe!

Disclaimer: *Basis CDC guidelines recommended level of 70% v/v Ethyl Alcohol & usage as per directions As tested under lab conditions on representative organisms

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