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JK Kala Jeera - Whole (100gm)

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JK Kala Jeera - Whole

About Us

These tiny black cumin seeds go by various regional names, but pack a solid punch in terms of flavour - imagine a nutty, slightly bitter taste with undertones of onion and pepper. Nigella or kalonji form one of the five spices in East Indian and Bangladeshi panch phoron, a spice mix made with five seeds and used to flavour lentil stews and vegetable stir-fries. 

You might also recognise it as the black seeds traditionally flecking soft, buttery naan bread! Other cultures use nigella in baking, for the crunch and the onion-like flavour. Try sprinkling some on bread, bagels and croissants for a new flavour dimension, or add it to salad dressings for texture. JK Masala's especially packed nigella seeds will be a lovely, flavourful addition to your spice rack!

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