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Nimyle Floor Cleaner Herbal - 450ml

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Nimyle Floor Cleaner Herbal

About Us

Nimyle is a 100% Natural action Floor Cleaner that uses the Power of Neem to keep your floor clean.
Floors are the most susceptible and yet visible part of our homes; they get dirty, attract germs, accumulate spills and still remain an important element within every home. Nimyle- Herbal Neem is a natural action cleaner that harnesses the goodness of Neem. Nimyle’s unique formulation ensures 99.9% germ kill making the floor safe for the entire family.
With a heritage of over 20 years, Nimyle is a chlorine-free product designed to effectively kill germs and clean your floors and conforms to the quality, performance and safety expectations. The Nimyle range of products is designed with several naturally derived ingredients and completely excludes any chlorine based active systems in the formulation.

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