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Veggie Clean - 200ml

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Veggie Clean

About Us

In Indian Culture, we thoroughly clean our hands or sanitise them before eating or cooking food; we make sure our utensils are squeaky clean before we use them but are we sure that our fruits and vegetables are completely free of germs before we consume or use them? Our fruits and vegetables go through multiple hands in the entire supply chain system and are also treated with various chemicals and pesticides for early ripening and wax to make them look fresher for longer. In this entire process, they accumulate a lot of germs and chemicals before they finally reach our plate. Just rinsing fruits and vegetables with water may not remove the germs and contaminants present on the surface and hence it’s important to not just clean them but make them germ-free. Thus, to aid your journey in healthy eating, Marico (the makers of Parachute and Saffola) has launched, a quality product, Veggie Clean - A Fruits and Vegetables Cleanser. Veggie Clean safely removes germs, bacteria, chemicals and waxes from the surface of fruits and vegetables. This fruits and vegetables washing liquid is 100% naturally derived and is used for cleaning the fruits and vegetables’ surfaces effectively without leaving any aftertaste, smell or residue. It is free of all harmful additives like preservatives and chlorine. It is a soap and alcohol-free formula. Fight germs, eat healthy with Veggie Clean. Start today.

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